22nd December, National Mathematics Day was celebrated in a spectacularway at the Allampally Jeeyar Gurukulam.As part of which a number of competitions like Math Talent Competition, Hand Wiring Competitionwere held. Anusha from 5thand Kailash from 6thhave walked away with first and second prizes in the Juniors. While ch. Archana and K. Priyanka have walked away with prizes in the seniors category. A quiz competition was also held in which Master Naveen won in group 1 and Siva Prasad won in group 2.

An exhibition too was held marking the event, where the students did a spectacular gig of arranging themselves in the form number 1729, which denotes the number that Sri Ramanujam bowled Professor Hardy with the explanation how interesting the number is.

It was also the day when innovation saw its peak when about 62 Math Projects were exhibited by about 92 students.

On this occasion the Exhibition was presided by Shri Sudheer(USA) and Sri Prabhakar(USA). JET SecretarySriman Prabhakar Rao came all the way from the US along with Mr. Sudheer. It was fitting welcome by the students who bowled them over with their enthusiasm and ingenuity.

Speaking of which, The Principal, Mr.Sudheer( USA) and Mr. Prabhakar Rao greatly appreciated the students and encouraged them to further increase their aptitude not only in Math but also in all the other subjects thus making thevision of Sri SriChinna Jeeyar Swamy come true.