Nov 15th, Allampally.

Jeeyar Gurukulam, Allampalli:

Jeeyar Gurukulam..! We really feel proud of our students once again..!

Kudos! to all our students of Jeeyar Gurukulam, Allampalli who are selected for State and National Level Competitions.
11 Girls, 1 boy was selected to participate in State level Sports competition in KHO-KHO , KABADDI, LONG JUMP, SHOT-PUT and RUNNING competition.
Our students participated successfully and secured 2nd Prizes in SHOT-PUT and LONG JUMP at State Level.
NITHAL of 7th Class girl was selected to National Level Competitions in KHO-KHO. We convey our best wishes to our all  students.
ALL THE BEST..! to Nithal.