April 4 2008 – April 6 2008
Science Fair was conducted by By Allampalli & Beersaipeta Tribal Students !

Students from Jeeyar Gurukulam Allampalli and Beersaipeta, conducted a science fair exhibition in the remote tribal village – Allampalli.
Please Click Here for Video Clippings, and Photos of the science fair.

The school was colorfully decorated for the exhibition and several visitors from cities and even from the USA and other parts of the country visited the fair.

As soon as any visitor entered a room, the students respectfully greeted them with “Jai Srimannarayana” and a smile :).

The kindergarten and 1st class children decorated their rooms with posters and attachments of telugu alphabets, pictures of fruits, birds, animals. The 2nd class students had their stalls with different types of houses, plants, railways, anatomy and few other interesting items. The 3rd and 4th class students had topics related to electricity, mathematics, biology, water, different types of cooling systems etc. The 5th and 6th class students demonstrated several experiments in chemistry and explained its pros and cons. The other topics included higher mathematics, digestive system functionality, and astronomy. Each student knew the topic of each other student in their class and each of them elaborated their subject very well.

Apart from the academic studies, the children were very good at cocurricular activities like pottery, needle work, art etc.

Several goverments officals from the forest department, housing board, electricity and road transport departments visited the fair. They promised to do their part in developing the village and in helping the children.

In all, the students displayed amazing enthusiasm, interest and determination. They proved to be very smart and are indeed ready to leap the launching pad for higher studies given an opportunity !!